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Financials in The Philippines

Atualizado: 5 de jun. de 2018

After spending some amazing days in the Philippines, it is now the time to share our financials in the country.

In total, we spent 21 days in the Philippines if you count with the departure day. We spent a total amount of 2115 euros, while visiting 5 different places in this country. The cost timeline was as follows.

Conversely to India and Sri Lanka, in the Philippines we spent more than our daily budget most of the times. In general, and for the Asian context, The Philippines are a more expensive country to travel, in particular the most touristic places such as El Nido. Apart from that, since we had saved some money before, we decided to enrol in the Tao Expedition (check our travel guide for more details) for 4 nights/5 days. The total amount spent on the Expedition was about 1000 euros and we still had to some shopping to prepare for the expedition (dry bags, reef shoes, rush guards, among others).

Bare in mind that we only spent above our daily budget as we had previously saved money on the first almost 100 days of our trip.

Additionally, the graph below allows to have an idea of our expenditures per category.

According to the graph above, one can conclude that attraction is the main category contributing to the total expenses in this country. This is mainly related to the Tao Experience, as mentioned before. Please note that this category is including accommodation for 4 nights and food & beverage costs for 5 days during the Tao Expedition. For this reason, these categories weight less than usual during this trip.

Finally, in order to have an idea of the travelling costs in each place we visited in the Philippines, we present below an average daily cost per city. Please note that these costs do not include transportation expenses between islands, since the main goal of this analysis is to identify the cheaper and more expensive places to visit in the Philippines.

Once again, we can see the impact of the Tao Experience (266€ average daily cost). Palawan presents a high average, especially due to the accommodation prices and food options, as well as Cebu, but in this case related to attraction prices.


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