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About Us

Meet Sara and André.


From an early age, we both had the chance to travel with our family and friends to different countries, not only in Europe but also to other continents, such as America, Africa and  a small part of Asia. Little by little the interest to travel was enhanced...


In 2013, our place of study in Portugal put us together. As a couple we made some trips (Croatia, Cape Verde, Singapore and Indonesia). Especially with these last two experiences we started to be more interested in the Asian culture.


After a three-year professional experience, Sara as an auditor and André as an IT consultant, we both decided it was the right time to set sail to the trip of our lives. The travel destination was easy to choose.. Asia. The length of the trip is still indefinite, probably the whole year, maybe less, who knows more than that.


And on October17th 2017, here we go!

Contact us on the following email address:

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