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Financials in Laos

In total, we spent 11 days in Laos. Let's share some financial information about our stay in this country.

The total amount we spent during this period of time was 856€ euros for both of us. The cost timeline was as follows.

Most of the times, we were below our daily budget (65,76€ for the two). The initial high expenditures are related to the flight price from Hanoi in Vietnam to Luang Prabang in Laos.

However, we found Loas an extremely expensive Asian country, specially because we only visited the two most touristic cities (Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng).

To have an idea of the costs presented by category, please take a look at the circular graph below.

The main costs are related with transportation, followed by food&beverage and accommodation. Transportation costs are mainly related to the flight expenditure to arrive in Laos. Apart from that, we also found the motorbike renting more expensive in Laos when comparing to the neighbouring countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia. For South East Asia standards, we think Laos is a more expensive country, in particular in what concerns restaurants and bars. Since most of the restaurants and bars in Luang Prabang are western style, the prices tend to increase significantly.

Finally, we also present below an average daily cost per city.

In what concerns the daily average cost per city, Luang Prabang was more expensive that Vang Vieng, particularly due to the food expenditures, which were quite higher when comparing to Vang Vieng. Accommodation prices were similar and the amount of our budget spent in attractions was also similar in both places.


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