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Financials in Cambodia

In total, we spent 20 days in Cambodia. Once again, we will share some financial information about our stay in the country.

The total amount we spent during this period of time was 1.330€ euros for both of us. The cost timeline was as follows.

Most of the times, we were below our daily budget (65,76€ for the couple). The initial high expenditures are related to the flight price from Mandalay in Myanmar to Siem Reap in Cambodia, and also the visa costs. The above average days in Siem Reap occurred during our visit to Angkor Complex given the costly entrance fees, guide and transportation. Finally, the above average day in Phnom Penh is explained by our visit to the main attraction of the capital city (Killing Fields and Genocide Museum), implying both entrance fees and transportation.

To have an idea of the costs presented by category, please take a look at the circular graph below.

The main costs are related to food&beverage, followed by transportation and accommodation. For Asian standards, we found food more expensive in Cambodia. There are plenty of western alternatives in the cities we visited, but it is very easy to spend around 6€ per person per meal. We also think that the use of the US dollar for the majority of the transactions contributes to the general increasing of prices. Transportation is also a significant part of the costs, mainly due to the flight cost from Myanmar to Cambodia.

Finally, we also present below an average daily cost per city.

In what concerns the daily average cost per city, one can see that the most expensive city was Siem Reap. This was mainly due to the Angkor Complex 3-day entrance fee. Apart from that, the guide and transportation to Angkor is also very expensive. We tried to minimise those costs by using the guide only on the first day and going by e-bike on our own for the two last days. The two other cities were cheaper, in particularly Battambang, because we stayed in the same place for a longer period of time for our volunteering experience and we did not spend so much on attractions during this period.

However, please take into consideration that during our stay in Cambodia and after almost 6 months of Asian food we started to crave western cuisine, reason why we sent so much money on food&beverages, which ended up increasing the overall of our stay in Cambodia.


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