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Mobile data across Asia

We live in a connected world. We are used to have access to Internet at every moment during the day. While traveling this is not an exception. We need to plan our trips, book accommodation, search for good restaurants and bars, share photos and impressions with friends and families, among other things that require data. Nowadays is extremely easy to find mobile data solutions for a short period of time through prepaid cards available in most of the countries. Most of data pla

Top 3 experiences in the Philippines

The Philippines are known for the beautiful landscapes. Yes, it is completely true. The country is composed by more than seven thousand islands of beautiful landscapes that rise from the ocean horizon and that are breathtaking. However, more than that, its people, the Filipinos, play an important role on this experience that is travelling across the Philippines. Listed below are our top 3 experiences while visiting the Philippines. 1. TAO Expedition TAO Expedition was by far

Financials in The Philippines

After spending some amazing days in the Philippines, it is now the time to share our financials in the country. In total, we spent 21 days in the Philippines if you count with the departure day. We spent a total amount of 2115 euros, while visiting 5 different places in this country. The cost timeline was as follows. Conversely to India and Sri Lanka, in the Philippines we spent more than our daily budget most of the times. In general, and for the Asian context, The Philippin