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Financials in Sri Lanka

Atualizado: 5 de jun. de 2018

Since we have finished our second country visit, Sri Lanka, it is now the time to share our financials.

In total, we spent 20 days in Sri Lanka. However, the 5 last days we spent in a town called Dehiwala with the company of our Buddhist Monk friend. For this reason, since we did not incur in significant expenses, we will exclude these 5 last days from our financial analysis. We spent a total amount of 890 euros, while visiting 9 different places in Sri Lanka. The cost timeline was as follows.

Comparing to our daily budget, we performed well, since we were below the budget most of the days. We only went above budget twice. The first one was related to the safari in Udawalawe National Park and the second one with a more expensive meal in Galle Fort and some souvenirs we bought for family.

Additionally, the graph below allows to have an idea of our expenditures per category.

Here we can see that accommodation and food & beverage are the categories that contribute the most to our expenditures in Sri Lanka. Transport weights less when comparing to our previous visit to India, since here we were able to share transportation costs with our friends, when travelling by private taxis/vans.

Finally, in order to have an idea of the travelling costs in each place we visited in Sri Lanka, we present below an average daily cost per city. Please note that these costs do not include transportation expenses between cities, since the main goal of this analysis is to identify the cheaper and more expensive places to visit in Sri Lanka.

As mentioned above, Udawalawe was the most expensive city on average and it was related to the cost of the safari we made in Udawalawe National Park.


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