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Why travelling?

Atualizado: 15 de out. de 2017

After three years working in consultant and auditing companies, we started to put our lives in perspective.

Both of us already had some experience in this travelling saga.

From a four-week backpacking trip in South America, to a three-week Interrail in Europe, or fifteen days across Spain and even two weeks exploring Australia we had quite some miles and smiles on our feet.

As partners in crime, we have continuously been adding some more colours and stamps to our passports. Almost three weeks discovering the marvellous shore of Croatia, to the burning sun and amazing beaches of Cape Verde, and ultimately the magic simplicity of Singapore and Bali.

We also had the opportunity to live abroad twice and got to know different ways of life from the within.

In fact together we have already more than fifty different soils in our legs, fourteen of which we explored them as Bony and Clyde.

Nonetheless, despite being luckily enough to travel constantly through different landscapes, all the past experiences were somehow short on time, intensity or budget.

Moreover, all of them were either brief on human interaction or too far from the deep-routed cultures we passed by.

We feel that people born and raised in a western country tend to measure success and life purpose in a way too materialistic and disconnected from real world.

In fact, being raised as a western represents less than 10% of the entire population.

The western world when paralleled to the amount of difference that exists in today’s countries represents a minimal part.

Little by little we started to conclude that we are the sums of all the lives that cross with ours. Like a puzzle, which allows continuous and infinitive growth if only more and more pieces are added. The act of travelling allows not only to enlarge and embody increasingly number of pieces to our lives, but also to enrich with colour and diversity the components we are made off.

If only we could go to a deeper level.

From these fellings we started to put our lives in perspective, and the first idea started popping up on our minds: we wanted to do a sort of a benchmark on life itself.

Like the movie “Inception”, that was all it took. An idea, not matter how small it was when it glued to our brain, step by step, it lead to were we are now: ready to embrace this new adventure.

An adventure made of places we had never imagined going to. Be stunned by people from different backgrounds and to dream within conversations and stories.

Like a child, who is in constant curiosity, travel as a backpacker, blending in the different societies we could have “first-time” experiences every day. From new flavours and smells to new costumes and ways of living, religions or habits, roads and houses, faces and peoples and so on.

One always say that there is no right time, and those who really want something, certainly end up getting a solution to do the things they want the most.

So after three years of working experience, we decided to go without a return ticket.

First stop is the immenseness of Asia. So different from us and with so different realities.

As any experience in life, when conducted properly, three different stages naturally emerge: preparation, experiencing and remembering.

For the first one we have been doing and living it for quite some time. The second one starts in New Delhi and the third one will be experienced on return.

This blog intends therefore to enrich this last step of travelling while at the same time is a way of sharing with those who also feel this need and urge for travelling.


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