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TOP 10 travel apps to use in Asia

The world is every day more and more technologic. Even while traveling. During our (already) long trip around Asia we have been discovering and experiencing some useful mobile apps for different purposes. We believe they can facilitate your experience and help you to take the most of it. However, we will not be focused on the trendy and well known apps like, Airbnb, HostelWorld, Google Maps, Uber, Skyscanner, Momondo, Notes and so on. We believe nowadays most peop

Revolut, less bank fees while traveling!

Money is always an important issue, but especially while traveling across different countries as each country has its own currency, so the needs to widraw money will differ and be constant. Probably, for safety reasons, you cannot take with you all the money you will need for the whole trip. You will have to withdraw money or use debit/credit cards, which is not always possible. The bank fees related to this type of transactions tend to be extremely high, including sometimes

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