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Way to Ella Rock, Sri Lanka

Atualizado: 29 de dez. de 2017

One of the most prestigious places in Sri Lanka is Ella and its trekking to Ella Rock is a must visit.

Ella Rock sits at around 2000 meters, 1000 meters higher than Ella, which means the climb is about 1000 meters high.

Starting from a train rail track and ending up in the hills, depending on your pace, the trekking should take less or more than 2 hours.

It is possible to climb the Rock without a guide, however you should keen an eye on some guidance instructions, especially during the first part of the path.

For this reason, during our trekking we decided to register our steps to share them with those who might be interested in this trekking experience.

Along the way up to the top it is common that local people try to offer their services as a guide and for that they will say that you are on the wrong way. If you follow these steps, you should not find any problems, and will save some pocket money and have a greater experience on the way:

1. The starting point is in Ella Railway Station. Turn left to the end of the platform and from there walk on the tracks. You can walk on train line, but be careful because trains may pass by.

2. Walk along the tracks from Ella Railway Station. You will arrive on Kithalella Railway Station. Keep going.

3. You will see this mile marker.

4. Ignore turnings like this one, that will lead you into fields and plantations. Just keep going.

5. After 10 minutes after Kithalella Railway Station you should turn left on the place. Pay attention because it is very easy to miss it!

6. After turning left you will find a bridge in a minute.

7. After crossing the bridge just follow the path to the right.

8. Follow the path surrounded by tea plantations. You will see a stand on your right side. After following the path in "C" shape, you will find a yellow house.

9. When arriving to the yellow house, just turn left up the hill.

10. At the top turn right, please do not take the steps.

11. You will see a grey outdoor toilet on your left. Just keep walking.

12. You will find a gate/pence and then turn right to pick a trail through woods.

13. After that, turn right and follow the path.

14. Follow the treeline. From now on, there are no specific instructions, just keep going up.

15. You will find the top of Ella Rock and hopefully the weather will let you enjoy the fantastic view!


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