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Top 3 experiences in the Philippines

The Philippines are known for the beautiful landscapes. Yes, it is completely true. The country is composed by more than seven thousand islands of beautiful landscapes that rise from the ocean horizon and that are breathtaking.

However, more than that, its people, the Filipinos, play an important role on this experience that is travelling across the Philippines.

Listed below are our top 3 experiences while visiting the Philippines.

1. TAO Expedition

TAO Expedition was by far the best experience we had while travelling the Philippines and one of the best in our lives for that matter.

It consists on an island hopping trip across virgin or extremely local islands of North Palawan with 20 other guests and 5-star staff.

You will feel the rawness of the Philippines and interact with local people without any other tourists (besides your 20 fellow travellers to whom you will become friends).

For us, it was the best way to discover the wonders of the Philippines and avoid the common and touristic one-day trips.

Moreover, you will feel that you are contributing for the local people growth and not making a 5-start hotel owner even richer.

TAO’s core is precisely that: to give back to the community.

However, it is not everyone’s idea of traveling, as you will feel the raw touch of nature. Eat what their land and sea provides, sale on local boats, bath in open air, interact with local people, sleep like them and understand that some things you have for granted, like toilets, smartphones and internet, are overrated.

Nonetheless, this experience will make you remember what is to be human and surround yourself by nature and people that share the same desire to travel limitless.

You can choose from a 2nights/3days or a 4nights/5days, like we did, for your TAO Expedition. The trips depart from El Nido to Coron or the other way around.

If you want to know more check our video from TAO Philippines and TAO’s website or Instagram.

2. Rent a bike and ride across Bohol

The Philippines are far more than stunning beaches and islands with a majestic sun, sea and lagoons.

If you like nature and wandering across an island, Bohol is for you!

None of us had any great bike experience at the time, so it was even a nicer challenge.

Rent a bike for less than 5€ a day and explore its roads.

You will be able to visit sanctuaries of the smallest primate in the world, the Tarsiers, bike across incredible roads such as the Man Made Forest and even visit the famous Chocolate Hills.

We recommend Bohol also due to the fact that it will allow a broader experience than just beaches and island hopping, which the Philippines still has a lot to offer.

We guarantee you will not regret it!

Nonetheless, if you are a super beach fan, Bohol also provides the opportunity to explore some dazzle beaches in the northern part of the island. We did not make it, but accordingly to some friends we met along the way, the beaches were amazing and even less touristic than in other areas.

3. Take a dive and swim with whale sharks in Oslob

It is not everyday that you will swim with whale sharks before breakfast and, when we say swim, we mean being at less than one meter away from them!

Yes, it is touristic and it will be crowded but if you follow the tips on our Philippines Travel Guide you will minimise the time wasting and avoid waiting long lines.

Regarding our experience it was completely safe and you could swim extremely close to those 5/6-meter animals.

It was, in fact, an amazing experience and something we will not forget.

Finally, take into consideration that we value diversified experiences over longer periods in the same place. Therefore, our advice is also based on that line of thought, by taking the most of widely difference experiences while travelling there.

We know that we left out several amazing places and experiences in the Philippines, but based on our 21 days on the country, this 3 are the experiences you definitely should not miss!


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