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Mobile data across Asia

We live in a connected world. We are used to have access to Internet at every moment during the day. While traveling this is not an exception. We need to plan our trips, book accommodation, search for good restaurants and bars, share photos and impressions with friends and families, among other things that require data. Nowadays is extremely easy to find mobile data solutions for a short period of time through prepaid cards available in most of the countries. Most of data pla

Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia Cambodia, officially known as Kingdom of Cambodia, is a Southeast Asian country, bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Phnom Penh is its capital city. Cambodia has a population of about 60 million. Khmer is the official language and the Riel is the country currency. However, for the majority of the transactions the US dollar is the currency accepted and the Riel (KHR) is only used for the small change (1 USD = 4.000 KHR). In fact, most of the ATMs will provide dollar

Financials in Cambodia

In total, we spent 20 days in Cambodia. Once again, we will share some financial information about our stay in the country. The total amount we spent during this period of time was 1.330€ euros for both of us. The cost timeline was as follows. Most of the times, we were below our daily budget (65,76€ for the couple). The initial high expenditures are related to the flight price from Mandalay in Myanmar to Siem Reap in Cambodia, and also the visa costs. The above average days

Poverty among children. Six similar real stories

Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit." Eli Khamarov During the Khmer Rouge period (1975-1979), Cambodia suffered an unprecedented massacre. In fact, the Pol Pot's communist regime was the cause of death to almost 3 millions of people. It was equivalent to 1/4 of Cambodia population and the main target was the upper class with higher levels of education. As a way to silence a possible opposition, in less than 4 years Cambodia saw almost their entire people