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Top 3 experiences in the Philippines

The Philippines are known for the beautiful landscapes. Yes, it is completely true. The country is composed by more than seven thousand islands of beautiful landscapes that rise from the ocean horizon and that are breathtaking. However, more than that, its people, the Filipinos, play an important role on this experience that is travelling across the Philippines. Listed below are our top 3 experiences while visiting the Philippines. 1. TAO Expedition TAO Expedition was by far

The human shape of kindness

Travelling is not only about breath-taking beaches, amazing trekking paths, being dazzled by new cultures, meeting new people. People, faces and smiles like no other you will ever meet and experiences everyday something new that arise from facing the unknown. People have a tendency to go on and on about how easy it is to travel, nevertheless besides nice pictures and fancy stories there are always hard times. Travelling is also waiting long hours, missing trains, sleeping in

India's first impression

We are writing these following lines with no more than fifteen Indian sunsets on our eyes. Nonetheless, when it comes to travelling, time tends to be an incorrect measure. Experiences and intensity actually create a far more accurate barometer. Although we have only stayed 3 days in New Delhi, it was one of the most intimidating experiences we have ever faced. Our accommodation was in the middle of Paharganj, a crowded and poor area of the city. After a 20-minute taxi from th